Offset printing was considered one of the most common printing techniques available today, it did save the cost and time of printing for the client. The printing details are pressed onto a sheet of rubber, then new from this rubber plate pressed onto the surface of printed paper. This makes the print version was correct and avoid the water picked up paper cases in causing lem.

The main advantages of offset printing?

1. Bring the picture quality and high print colors, sharp. Not been colored lem

2. Create a print more easily compared to other printing technologies

3. Can print on many flat surfaces such as wood or textured

4. Print products durable and beautiful eyes

5. products in diversity: in paper box, paper bag printing, decal printing, flyers printing, …

In offset printing technology, the printer is specifically focused on self thứu my husband to be able to create a print version in the right form. Because of this factor affected to an trựuc get ink, usually there are differences when printing it onto white paper or print up paper were in color before.

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