Have long, people know that color is not the nature of the material. The color is light-dependent factors. Where there is no light without color. In the dark, the object would also have black.

* The concept of color.

Sunlight is a beam of electromagnetic radiation have different wavelengths. As for the white light through a Prism, we will get a black strip. This phenomena in nature is also easy to see when sunlight comes through the air has more moisture and form a rainbow.

As for the white light through the Prism will receive a range of colors are red, Orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and Indigo. It is the spectrum of white light. Non-Prism refraction of the same color. The radiation would have short wavelengths will be more refractive Prism. Conversely, if inspired all this radiation into a concave lens, you will get white light at the point of convergence of the lenses.

When lighting up a body, the body surface will absorb some of the radiation has wavelengths and reflect some wavelength radiation. If it absorbs the radiation every Friday a little then will see her white body. If it absorbs the entire radiation will then will see black body. If the average level of absorption, the body is gray.

As such, the color of the object is the sum of all the different wavelength radiation that its surface reflection.

And of course, if the two lighting sources emit radiation different then the surface of the object also different radiation reflection. This explains why when the soi sheet in under natural light and artificial light, the image on the printed sheets are not the same color as the other.

Want to check out and the colors on the sheet in the same form as they must put them in the same light conditions, meaning that the print newspaper and the form are to be placed under a light source and the same intensity.

* The forms to create color.

Create color forms are known under the term science is the General form of the blue. There are two General methods: general public color color and color subtraction sum.

In General, color, we get the new color when mixing colored light. For instance, when green light and red light up a font panels we will get white. in other forms, we also get new colors but by mixing colored objects. This is the color synthesis method. Such as a red glass plate onto a green glass plates would get greys. The results are similar when mixing or ink when printing color husband.

As such, the two aforementioned color synthesis method is completely different and should not be confused. According to the dimensions defined on the color circle, if two color phases apart (compensated) will give a dark color, if mixed two colors together for a bright color, in.

* The concept of husband in color.

According to color theory, with three basic colors are yellow, red and blue together according to the different ratio will be all natural color.

As such, the color separation technique is the process of taking color samples post through three glass filter: the filter Glass in purple, green and orange stained glass filter, bold to have the monochromatic film corresponds to the yellow, red and blue.

To print multiple pictures in color, we have to give each colour have the angle to rotate different tram, not able to score this telescope up color of tram point tram of the other colors, when the husband points so we just up the tram received images are dark grey. As such, the t’ram points of the three colors have to necessarily located close to each other and not overlap. in the morning, the score is close and separate tram together so we get eye color in the form of general public. In contrast, in the dark areas of the image, the rows should be part of tram point overlap. In principle, when the stack of coloring up each other then the color will be created in the form of synthesis.

To note that in fact, when my husband all three basic color up are also not to be completely black. In order for the contrast of the dark areas are stronger, we are in more of a bold color that Wednesday and is usually black.
In offset printing, for the sample post a color can use the technique to print duplex by printing two times with two colors of ink. After you have selected the colors for the first image in colour than the cartridge by the form and then print the second real sample colour bold. Then the pictures received will subtly about the details and broader layer level.

* Color-phase method.

As all know, in theory, when two colors mix together will make up for in color Brownie under general exception. Also on the reality back to grey.

Color blending technique is judged by the eye, but to help those who are new to the profession, we can raise a number of general rules are as follows:

1. Two-color offset will be located in two opposite poles on the color circle, that is for another 1800. All other colors will remind more than a corner from each other. A color is mixed with two different colors on the color circle as black (dark) when this two colors as possible away from each other (on the ring). On the contrary, if in the morning will be blending two color components as possible are located near each other on the color circle building of pale red and blue … yellow light red is another 1600 on the color ring so when mixed will give Brown green. Meanwhile, if the phase two is blue-green and yellow-green is just another 800 we will have fresh green in. Two blue red and yellow-green, Brown and Orange will give in when the continental blue and gold red purple brown back.

Like to have gray, we could mix a little with a black color in the color circle. As such, the black ink used his wife on the other to increase density. Also in color then the husband to technique has black, are stacked up colors together so that they absorb most of the light shining on it.

2. When do we can’t, no more black. However need to carefully because just a little amount of black ink is dark enough. In contrast, when the need to lighten the color should dark ink LAT phase.

3. bold colors when mixed together, we will be more bold color and have more depth. When the colour mix together out in the color and brightness.

4. When blending two colors have equal doses, not really I will be a lying “in between” two colors. Darker color will have more influence. Just a little blue for yellow well enough out to green. A little red to yellow well enough out to green. A little red to yellow-orange out well enough. little blue red purple out enough for. When mixed ink, ink bold on the ink fades to LAT, rather than be doing the opposite.

5. When brewing the inks on the white color of ink we will get the different shades of that color. If the white ink in the mix will be bright shades in white, while the opaque refers to the color mix.

6. Ink always comply with the specifications as in, dry, light fastness, etc when mixed ink, the technical properties of the ink phase will decrease. So limiting the color phase and color sample should be sent to the best production base to ink available.

Above are some preliminary concepts of color, the method created, mixed the color of ink, intended to reproduce a color seeks way out of reality, hope will be helpful to you was, is and will be walked into the graphics industry moments.